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Thank you for visiting TheWritingStick.com

I no longer maintain this page but you can see all the pens I have availlable plus more at my Etsy site. Click the banner below to see what I have.

Dj's first pen

Welcome to TheWritingStick.com

      Here at our workshop in Clarksville TN, my wife and I personally hand craft every pen we sell.   We use the finest domestic and exotic woods, colorful acrylics and other materials, like deer antler, to produce exciting and beautiful fine handcrafted pens.   Only quality hardware with finishes of rhodium, titanium, platinum, 24k gold, satin enamels, copper and chrome are used.  

Quality Craftsmanship

      Because each of our pens is painstakingly hand crafted, there are no two pens exactly alike, they are all truly "one-of-a-kind".   Only after selecting the finest wood, acrylic or alternate materials to use, each and every one of our pens is hand turned on a lathe.   Rachel's pen Once the pens are turned they are sanded ultra smooth. To accent the stunning grain patterns and protect it for years of use, a layered, rock hard finish is then meticulously applied to the wooden pens.   Acrylic pens are turned the same way as wooden pens and then treated to a coat of "museum quality" wax and then buffed to an incredibly high luster.  

Family Owned

      Since this is a famliy owned and operated business we believe in getting the whole family into the operation.   In the top photo on the right, you can see my 5 year old, Dylan, out in the shop making his first pen.   He was so excited to make a pen, like his oldest brother, who's shown on the About Us  page, I decided to spotlight him on a page of his own.   Take a look at Dylan's Page or click his picture to see how well he did.   This is actually the first time we've ever made a pen from Yellowheart. We really like it.

Rachel Turning

Something For Everyone

      Our Pen Gallery is where you'll find the pens we have for sale and other pens we've made.   Take a look at our Pen Gallery for some interesting pens.   There is an authentic .50 caliber shell casing that has actually been fired and now made into a pen.   They make for interesting conversation and great gifts for gun enthusiasts, our Armed Forces members or anyone wanting a truly unique writing instrument.   We now also have the ability to adorn some of our pens with personalized names, corporate logo's, unit patches, favorite sports team and almost anything you can think of to put on the side of a pen.   Take a look at our Pen Gallery and we think you'll agree they are all fine handcrafted pens.

Thanks for stopping by, we hope you enjoy our site.
Owners and Artisans
Todd and Rachel...TheWritingStick.com

You can find our email address on our Contact Us page.  If you have any questions or comments about any of our work please send us an email.